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Custom Monologues is a premier service that writes customized monologues and scenes for actors — to tailor their audition material to optimally showcase their talents and give them a competitive edge.

In our Monologue Store, our original monologues and short scenes are available for purchase and immediate download for use in auditions.

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  • Original monologues and scenes made-to-order for auditions, written by a professional theater writer
  • One-on-one consultations to understand your personal audition needs
  • Turnaround typically within 10 days — usually much sooner
  • Exclusive material — custom orders aren’t shared with others
  • And much more!
  • Audition with material expertly crafted to show off your unique talents and individuality
  • Stand out from the crowd with material never heard before
  • Save time scouring plays and monologue books looking for material
  • Avoid the trap of using material that’s been way overdone
  • And many more reasons!


Ben Hauck

Accomplished at sneaking in his own material into auditions for great effect, actor and author Ben Hauck understands how overwhelming emotion, highly specific imagery, outrageous heightening, spectacular language, surprising physicality, and intense character conflict make for gripping monologues.

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